Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 first shots - Trap-Jaw Ants

Trap - Jaw Ants found outside house corridor.

Commonly known as trap-jaw ants, species in Odontomachus have a pair of large,
straight mandibles capable of opening 180 degrees

Characteristics Behaviour
These jaws are locked in place, and can snap shut on prey or objects when trigger
hairs on the jaw are touched. The mandbles are powerful and fast, giving the ant its common name.
The mandibles either kill or maim the prey, allowing the ant to bring it
back to the nest. Trap-jaw ants can simply lock and snap its jaws again if one bite is
not enough, or to cut off bits of larger food. Trap-jaw ants can use its jaws without
locking them, for other tasks such as nest building and care of larva.

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