Thursday, December 23, 2010

Panasonic Lumix LX3 - Point & Shoot camera (PnS)

There is no regrets for getting this PnS camera, is light in weight & easy to hold and use.

It is not only a "family" camera and it also can used it as personal hobby on shooting macro photography with simple setup (A lens adapter, a setup ring & a Raynox202) use only with the built-in-flash and you can just bring along with you to works to anywhere since is small and what is need is to just put in your bag!
You can see below how my setup for the LX3.

拥有这架精巧,实用的 LX3 camera 真的让我“如鱼得水"它在于型小,轻便, 但功能却是不可低估的!
你不只能够用它来拍摄家庭照,旅游照,还可以加上lens adapter, setup ring & Raynox 202就可以将1个普通的PnS(傻瓜相机,hehe 其实它不傻哦!)转变成1个即轻巧又精巧的微距摄影相机!
你可以看下我转变后的LX3 成1个微距摄影相机的样子。

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Below are few shots taken by LX3 camera in macro setup.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oriental Whip Snake

19Dec10, a trip to Malaysia Kota Tinggi for macro shooting with usual kakis! Although not a fruity trip, but have chance to shoot my first snake shot!

Oriental Whip Snake:-
The green vine snake, also known as the Oriental whip snake,
is native to South America, Asia and India. It is a semi-venomous snake,
which can reach about 2 meters in length.
While it is known as an avid hunter that kills its prey by injecting toxins with the rear fangs, it is usually not harmful to man.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best shot of the day (今天满意的作品)

A shinning blue little beetle resting on tip of tree trunk while I was going to press down the shutter button and it start to " TAKE OFF " just the right moment for me to press it!!


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