Saturday, September 25, 2010

Very Sexy Long Legs (好性感的长腿)

Hey! you dont have my permission to shoot my Sexy Long Legs!!! Stop that!

嘿!谁应许你偷拍我性感长腿啊!! 不需拍!!

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dog-head behind the tails of grasshopper (蚱蜢身后的狗头)

Shot this Jungle Grasshopper this morning, dont you see that the tails of the grasshopper look exactly like a dog-head :P


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Saturday, September 4, 2010

属于它们的世界~ (The world that belong to them)

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蜻蜓的一双大眼睛~ - The big eyes of Dragonfly (DF)

未知这昆虫的名称... - NO ID

红叶昆虫 - Red Leafhopper

小小毛虫 - Little Caterpillar

苍蝇 - Fly

另一种叶昆虫 - Leafhopper

小白蜘蛛"白雪公主" - White jumping spider "showwhite" hahaha

另一种毛虫 - Caterpillar


Been busy for what? I dont know...5 days working, OT.... Sat and Sun morning to half a day is always my priority for macro shooting. But, today I woke up early morning and dont feel quite well so didnt go out for any shooting >.<

Today I will only post up some shots taken recently...

最近在忙些什么啊?我不知道...5天日日要返工还要OT....星期六和日我会把整个上午的时间留个我最喜爱的微距摄影。今天一早起身人唔舒服所以没出去影相啊 > . <