Sunday, August 8, 2010

Have break~ take a rest~ 需要休息的时候,就休息吧~

Works are busy and so do our life. Have a break and take a rest,enjoy even is just a short moment to relax~

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Thinking of who? 思念谁?

Love this picture very much! Like the pose of the spider! Thinking of who?

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leaf hopper & a Moth or butterfly?

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Happy with my new DIY diffuser, it can really bring out the details of the insects.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

24/7 & 25/7 2010 went to Pulau Ubin macro shooting (乌敏岛过夜影微距)

First time went for a macro shooting at a small Island (Pulau Ubin) outside of Singapore. 2D1N stay was fun! Me 1 female + 7 males :P, poor thing for the guys, need to spare one bedroom for only me to sleep. Haha~
And also...lots of "mosquito"!!!!

Will share some shots taken there next post~ ^ . ^

这是我第一次在新加坡的一个小岛(乌敏岛)上拍微距摄影,俩天一夜的安排很好~ 我一个女子+7个男仔 :P。委屈男仔们要牺牲一间房比我一个人睡~ 哈哈!
岛上住民少....但蚊子超多!!! 吓死人!

迟先,我会放上一些在那拍的相~ ^ . ^